iStop Motion for iPad

by Keith Martin on 20 January 2012 in Analysis
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Stop-motion animation is a fun, creative process, and Boinx’s iStopMotion has been helping Mac users do it for years. Now there’s an iPad 2 version of iStopMotion, too, with some clever-sounding tricks that are specific to the iOS version.

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Elgato EyeTV Mobile

by Kenny Hemphill on 6 January 2012 in Reviews
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Elgato’s EyeTV Mobile is small enough to fit inside a box of matches yet promises to allow you to watch Freeview TV on your iPad 2.

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Canon Pixma MG6250

by admin on 6 January 2012 in Reviews
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We’d heard great things about Canon’s Pixma MG6250, so were pretty excited when the test unit arrived in the MacUser offices. And we’re delighted to report that this photo inkjet all-in-one printer didn’t disappoint.

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Wacom Bamboo 3

by admin on 9 December 2011 in Analysis
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The third generation of Wacom’s consumer-level graphics tablet range, the Bamboo, brings several enhancements, the most significant being a new wireless mode that enables you to use the tablet without it having to be plugged into the computer. This is Wacom’s first foray into wireless input.

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Hydra Pro 3

by admin on 25 November 2011 in Reviews
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Time to tone up Hydra Pro is a standalone app for producing High Dynamic Range (HDR) composite images. It’s also available as plug-in for Aperture and Lightroom. HDR images combine several bracketed exposures to produce an image with a greater tonal range than can be represented in a single shot. It’s gained something of a [...]

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Whale Trail

by Adam Banks on 25 November 2011 in Reviews
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You don’t need to know much about Whale Trail. It’s a side-scrolling, one-button, cave-flying game for iOS. It uses the full resolution of each device and syncs stats via Game Center.

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