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Apple TV first-generation users cut off from iTunes content

by Adam Banks on 18 April 2014 in News

Users across the world are reporting a loss of access to the iTunes Store on their first-generation Apple TV units. While a few have said a restart fixed the problem, most of those discussing the problem on Apple’s support forums have found no solution. Many are speculating that Apple has deliberately disabled iTunes connectivity for [...]

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Latest Issue: April 2014

by Adam Banks on 26 March 2014 in New issue
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uying new Apple kit is always exciting, but it can also be daunting. There’s so much to choose from. Should you buy a MacBook Pro or an Air? iMac or Mac mini? Do you need an iPad Air or would an iPad mini suit you better?

Then there’s the question of value. Some Macs offer better bang for their buck than others. Some iOS devices hit the sweet spot in the trade-off between price and storage capacity. But how do you find out which they are?

That’s an excellent question and in the current issue of MacUser, April 2014, on sale now, we have an equally excellent answer: our complete buyers’ guide to every piece of Apple kit, from the Mac Pro to Apple TV. Compare and contrast the lot and read our experts’ tips and tricks, and find out which Apple kit is best avoided.

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The “iWatch”: an artist’s impression

by Adam Banks on 14 March 2013 in Editorial

If Apple is really working on a smart watch, what will it be like? The April 2013 issue of MacUser magazine, on sale today, has a possible answer. In collaboration with well known 3D artist Martin Hajek, MacUser has conceived a realistic watch product based on Apple’s current design language and technology constraints. The result [...]

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MacUser selected as one of ten ‘Covers of the Century’

by Adam Banks on 26 February 2013 in News
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MacUser’s February 2012 issue “How evil is Apple?” has been nominated as one of the ten best magazine covers of the past century by the PPA, the UK’s trade association for periodical publishers. The Covers of the Century, selected by judges from over 100 chosen by publishing companies to represent their best work, were revealed [...]

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Thoughts on censorship

by Adam Banks on 28 January 2013 in Comment

In response to Apple’s removal of the 500px app from the App Store on the grounds that some content made available by users on the 500px service was “pornographic”, and questions about the future of Twitter’s Vine video-sharing app, we repost this piece from 2010 by our Editor in Chief on Apple’s approach to censorship. [...]

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Apple home page replaced by tribute on anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death

by Adam Banks on 5 October 2012 in News

Apple has posted a brief tribute to Steve Jobs, who died a year ago today, on its home page at The video, which features photos of Jobs with Apple products and highlights the former CEO’s humour, is followed by an open letter from current CEO Tim Cook, who invites people to “reflect on his [...]

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