Apple TV first-generation users cut off from iTunes content

by Adam Banks on April 18, 2014

Users across the world are reporting a loss of access to the iTunes Store on their first-generation Apple TV units. While a few have said a restart fixed the problem, most of those discussing the problem on Apple’s support forums have found no solution. Many are speculating that Apple has deliberately disabled iTunes connectivity for the obsolete model, although the absence of any note on the device’s support landing page suggests the cutoff is accidental.

The first-generation Apple TV was the only model with a built-in hard disk to store content. Users report that even playback from this is compromised since 17 April, with video stuttering, but this problem is reduced or eliminated when the device is disconnected from the internet.

While connected to a network, affected devices no longer show the home screen icons to access content from Macs on the same network, but users report that this functionality returns when the Apple TV is connected directly to a Mac.

Many first-generation units have been ‘jailbroken’ to enable users to install third-party software hacks and enable features not officially supported by Apple. But not all affected units have been jailbroken. User Simon Jacobs tweeted: “Mine not hacked… No way is it a hardware fault. Apple haven’t called me back.” Confirming that his Apple TV software was up to date, Guy Abrahams tweeted: “Clearly Apple are bricking my Apple TV via the web… 3.0.2 – tried restart and restore but no joy.”

Since the UK is now closed for Easter, MacUser has not attempted to contact Apple for clarification, but such queries almost never produce a response in any case. Current support threads include

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