Apple re-shuffles senior execs as Mansfield moves to special projects

by Kenny Hemphill on August 3, 2013

Tim Cook’s re-shaping of Apple’s senior management team is an ongoing process it seems. The recent recruitment of Adobe’s Kevin Lynch, along with former Yves Saint Laurent CEO Paul Deneve and Hulu’s Pete Distad are testament to that.

Further evidence of Cook’s determination to find the right blend of talent and personality at the top table emerged yesterday, when the company confirmed that Bob Mansfield has left his role as senior vice president of Apple’s Technologies division and will now work on special projects, reporting directly to Cook.

Apple didn’t say whether Mansfield’s special projects would be the same as those on which Lynch is currently working. According to 9to5 Mac, Mansfield’s departure from the senior exec team was due to his ‘desire to focus on chipset design plus future products and less on executive duties.’

Mansfield’s tenure as head of the Technologies team, which began when Cook persuaded to put retirement plans on hold last summer, coincided with the development of the new Mac Pro, unveiled at WWDC and expected to be launched later this year.

There will be plenty for Mansfield to do if his focus is to be on chipset design. Apple, which bases its Ax systems-on-a-chip on CPU’s designed by ARM and fabricated by Samsung, is reported to be considering manufacturing the chips itself. In addition, it’s believed to be working on at least one completely new product, and wearable computing device similar to Nike’s Fuel Band, and possibly on a new Apple TV device too.

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