Apple’s iOS App Store passes 800,000 available apps

by Kenny Hemphill on March 26, 2013

There are now more than 800,000 apps available on Apple’s US iOS App Store. The milestone was noted by app recommendation service, App Hero which dug deep into Apple’s own data to put together some nifty data about the store.

App Hero found that 56.2% of apps on the store are free, and 20.8% of the total are games. More than 850 apps are released each day, including updates, and there are twice as many iPhone apps as iPad apps. 28.8% of apps are Universal, meaning they are optimised for both iPhone and iPad.

Of the 800,000 available apps, only 1,639 have more than fifty ratings and an average of five stars. Among the most popular categories are photography, where there are more than 12,00 apps, racing games, of which there are 2,400, and sudoku games, which number 2,300.

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