Tim Cook: ‘We have some great stuff coming’

by Kenny Hemphill on February 27, 2013

Tim Cook told a meeting of Apple’s shareholders today that the company ‘is working harder than ever’ and that it has ‘some great stuff coming.’

Cook also told investors that ‘we are looking at new categories,’ though he didn’t elaborate. Rumours have persisted that Apple will launch a TV set and recently speculation has turned to the possibility of an iOS-powered watch.

During the annual meeting, Cook said that he sympathised with investors concerned about Apple’s recent stock market performance, which he called a ‘disappointment,’ adding ‘I don’t like it either.’ He reminded shareholders, however that ‘What we are focused on is the long term. This has always been the secret of Apple.’

The Financial Times reported that ‘at least a third of Apple’s shareholders have declined to back the company’s executive compensation at its annual meeting.’ The report said it based the figure on votes cast before the meeting, which accounted for shares comprising 81% of the company. If true, it would constitute a majority yes vote on executive pay in the non-binding vote.

During the meeting, shareholders voted to re-elect Apple’s board of directors, but rejected an initiative to create a board committee on human rights, something which Apple’s management opposed.

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