Apple to withdraw Mac Pro from sale in Europe on March 1st

by Kenny Hemphill on January 31, 2013

Mac ProApple has said that the Mac Pro will be withdrawn from sale in the UK and the rest of the EU on March 1st.

‘Due to evolving regulatory requirements, Apple will stop selling Mac Pro in EU, EU candidate and EFTA countries on March 1, 2013,’ an Apple spokesperson told The Loop. ‘After that date, resellers can sell existing inventory but Apple will no longer ship Mac Pro in those countries.’

Apple will accept orders until February 18th and the last Mac Pro will ship to the EU on February 28th.

Apple told resellers that the Mac Pro isn’t compliant with an EU regulation, believed to relate to the lack of guards on cooling fans and protection for electrical ports, which comes into effect on March 1st.

Last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook re-assured a customer who had emailed him to voice concerns over the future of the Mac Pro, assuring them that ‘we’re working on something really great for later next year.’

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