Wozniak unimpressed with Kutcher’s Jobs portrayal in first clip

by Kenny Hemphill on January 24, 2013

UPDATE: The film’s distributor has wisely decided to ditch the original style of “jOBS”; the title is now simply “Jobs”.

Steve Wozniak has said that the action depicted in a leaked scene from the movie Jobs, starring Ashton Kutcher as the former Apple CEO, never happened.

The scene, above, shows Jobs discovering the computer Wozniak had built and visualising the impact it could have in the future. According to Woz, however, ‘my purpose was inspired by the values of the Homebrew Computer Club along with ideas of the value of such machines and Steve J. wasn’t around and didn’t attend the club so he was the one learning about such social impact of the future.’

Wozniak also criticised the portrayal of Jobs by Kutcher and of his own younger self by Josh Gad. Writing in a comment on Gizmodo, the Apple co-founder said: ‘Not close… we never had such interaction and roles… I’m not even sure what it’s getting at… personalities are very wrong although mine is closer.’

Jobs premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah on 25 January. Wozniak has confirmed his role as a paid consultant on a rival biopic, written by Aaron Sorkin from Walter Isaacson’s authorised biography, which is in production with Sony.

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  • Dean Shepherd

    So Woz is discovering about Hollywood and the Truth what we Brits have known for decades.  

  • Anonymous

    On the one hand, who better to know how events transpired than one who was actually there? But on the other hand, human nature being what it is, we all tend to glorify our own role in events and to poo poo depictions that don’t make us look particularly good. In any event, this looks like good entertainment and that’s what ultimately matters.

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