Flickr updates iOS app as Yahoo promises more investment

by Kenny Hemphill on December 13, 2012

Remember Flickr? It was a photo sharing site that used to be quite popular around the middle of the last decade. Then it was acquired by Yahoo.

Over the last couple of year’s Flickr’s popularity has waned while that of Instagram, the photo-sharing site which responded to the huge increase in popularity of smartphone cameras, rocketed.

Well, Flickr seems to want to have another go. It released the second version of its iPhone app today, complete with the ability to add filters to photos, find friends from your Contacts or Facebook, and view interesting images shot nearby.

And, according to The Guardian, new Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer, wants to make the photo sharing site a top priority for investment.

Development on Flickr has accelerated since Mayer – herself a keen Instagram user – took over as chief executive in July in a bid to turn around the once-market leading digital content company. It is understood that the number of people working on Flickr at Yahoo’s headquarters in San Francisco has as much as doubled since Mayer joined.

The new app is a promising start but there’s lots more work to be done before, in the words of a certain website, Flickr is ‘awesome again.’

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