Apple devices dominate Black Friday shopping splurge

by Kenny Hemphill on November 26, 2012

A host of data released over the weekend show that Apple devices dominated the US’ annual post-Thanksgiving shopping spree this year.

An IBM report showed that nearly 10% of all online shopping on Black Friday was done on an iPad, while the iPhone accounted for almost 9%. Only 5.5% was done on Android devices. Of shopping done on tablets, 88% was done on an iPad, while the Nook, Kindle, and Galaxy accounted for just over 7% between them.

And it wasn’t just in devices used for shopping where Apple did well. A survey carried out by Piper Jaffrey at the Mall of America in Minneapolis on Friday recorded that shoppers in the Apple Store bought 17.2 items per hour, while those in the Microsoft outlet across the mall bought only 3.5 items per hour, and all but two of the Microsoft purchases noted were Xbox games.

Apple Store visitors bought an average of 11 iPads per hour, while the Microsoft shop failed to sell a single Surface during the observation.

The only disappointment for Apple was that limited supply of its most popular products meant that sales were lower in 2012 than in 2011 despite a 31% increase in visitors.

‘The negatives were that the most popular iPad Mini (16G) is in limited supply and Mac sales (~12% of revenue) continue to appear to be impacted by the iPad and a slowdown ahead of the new iMac,’ said Piper Jaffrey’s Gene Munster.

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