Early builds of Mac OS X 10.9 reported to include Siri and Maps

by Kenny Hemphill on November 19, 2012

Several websites reported seeing Macs running early versions of OS X 10.9 in their visitors logs last week, and now 9to5 Mac reports that the current build of the next version of OS X includes Maps and Siri.

It’s by no means certain that either will make it to the final version, and even if they do, its unlikely that Maps will be available as a standalone app. Currently it exists as a framework, known as MapKit, to allow developers to include Maps data and features into their own apps.

Siri is more likely to be included as a standalone app, though there may be a restriction on the Macs which can run it.

Interestingly, 9to5 Mac reports that

development of OS X 10.9 began simultaneously with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. Apple worked on multiple features for its future Mac operating systems amidst the launch of the iOS-inspired OS X Lion in 2011, according to people familiar with Apple’s OS X software development. Apple chose to distribute the remaining features from iOS across OS X 10.8 and 10.9.

Apple hasn’t announced details or an expected release date for OX 10.9.

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