Apple appoints Amazon search boss to take care of Siri

by Kenny Hemphill on October 15, 2012

‘Siri, who is your new boss?’

‘He’s William Stasior, former head of A9, the search and advertising firm he co-founded and which was bought by Amazon in 2003.’

‘I see. Is there anything else you can tell us about him?’

‘Stasior used to work at Alta Vista and before that, Oracle. He has a PhD from MIT.’

‘Impressive. What’s he going to do at Apple?’

According to AllThingsD, he will be in charge of me. My previous boss, Doug Kittlaus left a year ago, and the man who created me, Adam Cheyer, left this year.’

‘Anything else we should know?’

‘AllThingsD thinks his appointment may mean Apple will ditch Google as its search partner in Safari and develop its own search engine.’

‘Hmmm. What do you think.’

‘I’m not paid to think.’

‘Ok. Thanks, Siri’

‘You’re welcome.’

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