Samsung opens store in Australia and guess what it looks like?

by Kenny Hemphill on August 24, 2012

The jury may not even have reached a verdict in the seemingly endless patent trial involving Samsung and Apple, but that hasn’t stopped the Korean giant from pressing ahead with another project likely to upset its Californian competitor.

All Things Digital reports that Samsung has opened a retail ‘Experience’ store in Sydney, and it’s very clear whose stores it’s been inspired by. As All Things Digital puts it ‘its design and ethos, even in the most generous light, bear an uncanny resemblance to those of the Apple Store.’

‘The airy, spartan layout and open floor plan. A dedicated customer support desk staffed by “Samsung Smart Tutors” that recalls Apple’s Genius Bar. A group demonstration area. The broad, rectangular wall displays. Clean lines. Blue T-shirts for all store employees.’

You can judge for yourself by looking at the pictures here.

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  • Anonymous

    Perhaps, but there’s typically an optimal way to present any store – most bakeries look alike, most gas / petrol stations are similar, etc.

    Consider supermarkets – they all have rows of checkout desks, aisles of shelving, a bakery area, a deli counter, a butcher, etc. Should supermarket chains somehow order the shelving differently, to somehow differentiate from each other beyond just their branding? Perhaps stack shelves in circles, not aisles? Or vertically?

  • NilSon

    SS: having fun with things Apple usually takes way too seriously.

  • Ben

    Is Apple going to try and claim a patent for store layouts now?  Pretty sure a lot of phone shops and electronic shops have been doing this for years.

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