Apple UK prices most expensive in Western Europe says Idealo

by Kenny Hemphill on January 24, 2012

The price of Apple products in the UK is higher than anywhere else in Western Europe, when VAT is excluded, according to a report from price comparison company, Idealo.

Idealo compared the prices of five Apple products; an iMac, iPad 2; iPod touch; MacBook Air; and MacBook Pro. It priced each of the five on all 37 Apple online stores with and without sales tax. Idealo found that Malaysia has the cheapest prices in the world for Apple kit, closely followed by Canada and Hong Kong. The USA is fourth cheapest, followed by Singapore.

Brazil has the highest prices, followed by the Czech Republic, and Thailand.

The UK’s unenviable position of being the most expensive place in Western Europe to buy a Mac, exclusive of VAT, changes when sales tax is added. Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, which have the highest rates of sales tax in the world narrowly overtake it.

Consumers in the UK, however, do well compared to those in Brazil, Czech Republic, and Thailand. Idealo compared prices in each country with the GDP per capita at purchasing power parity (the per capita GDP normalised using US prices) and found that those three countries, which have high prices for Apple kit, but relatively weak economies, get a particularly poor deal. By contrast, Singapore, USA, and Hong Kong, which have some of the strongest economies in the world, also benefit from relatively low prices for Apple products.

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  • Robin Edwards

    I had noticed, but never understood why….
         I still don’t know.

  • Ron Powell

    Would have been nice to see a few examples !!!

  • David

    Apple UK prices most expensive in Western Europe says Idealo.Why should we be surprised, The UK has the most expensive train fares , fuel etc in Europe.

  • Cyclekarl Brown

    This is why I never buy a new mac,because Apple hate us Brits.

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