London design studio shows off neat Little Printer

by Kenny Hemphill on November 29, 2011

Smart phones may have freed many of us from having to stuff our wallets and pockets with scraps of paper, but there’s still a place in our lives for an old-fashioned to-do list or a printout of the day’s appointments. At least that’s the view of London studio, Berg Design which announced its Little Printer today.

The tiny thermal printer, which has a face shape cut out of its stainless steel front plate, in order to frame prints as they come out, connects directly to the web via a wireless network. It can then print content from a variety of partners, who currently include The Guardian, FourSquare, Google, and Nike.

Users can subscribe to content using an iPhone app and it’s then automatically printed at a pre-determined frequency. Berg says it will begin taking pre-orders in 2012 but hasn’t announced pricing details.

It might not be big, but it’s very clever.

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