Apple puts up prices on UK App Stores by up to 20%

by Kenny Hemphill on July 14, 2011

Apple has significantly increased the price of apps on its UK Mac and iOS app stores. Apps which on Tuesday cost 59p now cost 69p, those which cost £1.19 are now £1.49, and apps which were £1.79 are now £1.99. On the Mac App Store, Final Cut Pro X now costs £199, up from £179.

Apple hasn’t provided an explanation for the increase, however US App Store prices haven’t changed, while prices in Japan, Australia, and Switzerland have fallen. This suggests that the changes are as a result of a re-balancing of the exchange rates Apple uses to calculate international prices. The UK price may also have increased to reflect the rise in VAT to 20%. App Store prices didn’t change when the VAT increase was implemented in January.

Exchange rate re-balancing doesn’t explain, however, why some apps have risen by 20%, while others have only increased by 8%.

The price increases came on the same day that market intelligence blog, Asymco, noted that app downloads have now overtaken music downloads on iTunes. App downloads have been growing at a faster rate than song purchases for some time. At Apple’s WWDC in June, it announced that 15 billion tracks had been downloaded from iTunes. That was followed last week by the announcement that 15 billion apps had now been downloaded.

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