Latest Issue: April 2014

by Adam Banks on March 26, 2014

Buying new Apple kit is always exciting, but it can also be daunting. There’s so much to choose from. Should you buy a MacBook Pro or an Air? iMac or Mac mini? Do you need an iPad Air or would an iPad mini suit you better?

Then there’s the question of value. Some Macs offer better bang for their buck than others. Some iOS devices hit the sweet spot in the trade-off between price and storage capacity. But how do you find out which they are?

That’s an excellent question and in the current issue of MacUser, April 2014, on sale now, we have an equally excellent answer: our complete buyers’ guide to every piece of Apple kit, from the Mac Pro to Apple TV. Compare and contrast the lot and read our experts’ tips and tricks, and find out which Apple kit is best avoided.

Also in this issue we pit nine iPad text editors against each other to find out which does the best job of turning your tablet into a turbo-charged writing machine. We test Blackmagic’s Production Camera 4K to find out whether you really can buy a serious high-end video shooter for under two grand, put your questions to the bosses at Adobe, and talk to ustwo, the develoment team behind Whale Trail and Monument Valley.

Dave Stevenson wonders if 500px Prime licensing scheme will be licence to print money for photographers, Howard Oakley’s worried about the Internet of Things, and Steve Caplin gets down and dirty with Illustrator CC’s new tools.

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