Apple has announced that its iTunes Festival of live music will again take place in September at London’s Roundhouse.

Featured acts include Blondie, Robert Plant, Pharrell Williams, Beck, Kylie, and Chrissie Hynde. As usual, all performances will be streamed live to a dedicated iOS app and will also be available on Apple TV. Apple promised 60 acts in total during the course of September and said that as well as applying for a ballot through iTunes, tickets would be available through media partners which include the London Evening Standard and Global Radio.

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Microsoft’s Nokia integration costs 18,000 workers their jobs

by Kenny Hemphill on 17 July 2014 in News

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has told staff that the company will cut ‘up to’ 18,000 jobs as it works towards ‘synergies and strategic alignment on Nokia Devices and Services,’ following its acquisition of the Finnish phone maker last year. Around 12,500 of the lost jobs are expected to come from Nokia. Nadella said that 13,000 [...]

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Apple and IBM enter partnership for mobile devices in enterprise

by Kenny Hemphill on 16 July 2014 in News

Apple and IBM have announced that they will work together to provide iOS mobile services for enterprise. The companies said they will produce over 100 enterprise solutions including native apps for iPhone and iPad; IBM cloud services optimised for iOS ‘including device management, security, analytics and mobile integration’; a new tier of AppleCare for enterprise; [...]

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Apple launches iTunes Pass for Passbook in Japan

by Kenny Hemphill on 15 July 2014 in News

Apple has launched a new service which allows customers in Japan to add credit to their iTunes accounts using Passbook. It works by adding an iTunes pass card to the Passbook app on your iPhone. The pass card can then be scanned by an Apple retail store staff member, and you make payment in store.

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Apple denies Chinese national security threat allegations

by Kenny Hemphill on 14 July 2014 in News

Apple has denied that its devices are a threat to national security in China, following allegations made on China Central Television, the state broadcaster. In its response, published on its Chinese website, Apple said it had never ‘worked with any government agency from any country to create a backdoor in any of our products or [...]

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Edinburgh’s Princes Street Apple Store set to open next month

by Kenny Hemphill on 10 July 2014 in News

Apple’s newest UK retail store, on Edinburgh’s Princes Street is set to open next month, after a white construction barricade with an Apple logo on it was erected on the site this morning, according to the Edinburgh Evening News. It was the first confirmation of an Apple Store in that location, opposite the iconic Balmoral [...]

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